Projekt Rev, 19.06. in Oberursel

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Sunday Linkin Park came to Oberursel to play for their Projekt revolution and it was amazing!
I was waiting about 8 hours and driving more than 200 km to watch them and they rocked (too hard). There were four supporting act: Middle Class Rut, Anberlin, Dredg and Die Antwoord. Except for Die Antwoord they were pretty good. But Die Antwoord were a little bit disturbed, so the audience boot them off the stage. All in all four hours later LP went on the stage and it was so amazing, better than in Cologne last year.  The playlist was perfect, even though they didn’t play Wretches and kings 😦
I took some photos with a digital camera, I’ve already edit them but their quality is because of the camera and the distance to LP very bad:

More at

– Wretches


WaK on DeviantART

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Hey guys (if there’s somebody, who really reads this :D),
since three days you can watch my more or less good photos on deviantART.

So take a look and leave a comment


My first blog

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Actually, it’s my first blog and I don’t really know what to write. So let me think about it and come back later 😉